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Pablo Neruda Sonnet 49

Sung by Luciana Souza


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La disculpa no es un regalo propio para

celebrar tú cumpleaños

Primero fue el envio, que nunca fue enviado

y despues

La cena, a cual no tengo disculpa

por no ir

Pero no todo es pérdida

Hice tiempo para el postre

y para la conversación

Cón la nariz

llena de primavera

de fresas y hierbabuena

Y los oidos llenos

de tus risas

Y mis ojós llenos

de tú perfil

Como si el cumpleaños fuera mío

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ESV Study Bible

Crossway has just launched the website for the new ESV Study Bible, the Bible is set to be released in October of 2008.  Check it out here.


Features of this new edition include:

  • 25,000 plus notes
  • Over 40 color illustrations
  • Over 200 full color maps
  • 200 plus maps
  • 80,000 cross-references
  • Over 100 articles and introductions

More importantly, in my opinion, is the high quality with which Crossway has planned into the production.

  • All editions will have a Smythe sewn binding
  • Printed on high-opacity, high-quality paper.  This means no bleed through!
  • The text is in single column, 9pt.  The notes are double column 7.25pt
  • Full color maps and feature articles throughout.

The ESV Study Bible will be available in 8 editions.  Hardcover, two TruTone, two bonded leather, two genuine leather and a calfskin.  Thats right, a calfskin edition right out of the starting gates!

TruTone Brown

Although I recommend the use of a study Bible, I haven’t really used mine as of late(Reformation Study Bible, 1599 Geneva Bible.)  From a cursory view of this edition, I look forward to owning one and making good use of it.

Sample page

Sample page

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F. Garcia Lorca

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I reviewed my new acquisition for J. Mark Bertrand’s Bible Design and Binding Blog.

Click here for the review.

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