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I have been kicking around a proposed post on the atonement since writing this back on December 18.  I have been writing notes and outlines and more notes, then I go back to working it out in my head.  I then go back to mulling ideas around on paper then working it out in my head, again.  When I first started this blog back in July, I never expected anybody to read it.  I was basically writing for my own benefit, I saw this as a means to work out my beliefs and convictions and also a place to lay down my opinions on things that interest me.

Much to my surprise, more than just my friends are coming by to read this blog.  Which is both good and bad, good in a sense that the purpose of having a blog is so that people will read it and bad in that people will read it.

In dealing with issues that are doctrinal, I do no want to be flippant in my writing of it.  If what I am writing is going to be read by others than I want to be true to the gospel and that the work my be God honoring.  Which leads me back to why I have yet to write more on the topic, the more I look into it, the more I find!  I was thinking that I would write a few paragraphs on the work of the atonement and that would be it, but as I began to study it, I soon realized that it wasn’t going to be so easy if I wanted to write something I would be proud of and something that would be honoring to God.

My intention is not to write a huge piece as that would seem to go against my perceived reason for having a blog in the first place, brevity.  I may end up writing a series rather than one large piece.  I also want to be sure to provide scriptural evidence for the position of limited atonement, provide an exegetical rebuttal for support of a general or universal atonement as well as go into the aspects of what makes up the atonement.  Even if it goes unread, I hope to be edified by the in-depth study of Gods word.

May we all be blessed by the study of His word!


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