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I Think I Need to Change My Name

I couple of day ago, I was listening to an old broadcast of

The Dividing Line, hosted by Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries and I heard him make a comment about the people in the chat channel. It wasn’t the first time he had mentioned the chat channel and I even looked for it in the past but couldn’t find until Tuesday when I searched through the AO Min site again and finally found it. So I submitted my name and a password and made my way into the chat.

Well, the people already on didn’t seem to take to kindly to my “nickname”. The thing is, I didn’t use a nickname, I used my actual name and one of the moderators, I am assuming, thought it was suspicious for someone to be coming on to a Christian based chat room with the name Jesus. He tried contacting me but I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers so when I didn’t respond right away, he bounced me. I did get back on and explained who I was and it was fine after that. I went back on to the chat channel later and again used my real name not a nickname, this time Dr. White was on and asked me to explain my nickname which showed up as jesussaenz. I explained again that it was my actual name and everybody was cool about it. Some of the people on there actually knew from Gene Cook’s webcast The Narrow Mind.

Earlier today, I sent an email to the bookstore at Westminster Theological Seminary. They were a little surprised when Jesus wanted to link to their bookstore. You can take a look at the comments about it on Alex Leung’s blog where Mark from WTS writes about the email and about Alex getting comments from Jesus.

Of course it’s a cultural thing, as only Hispanics name their children Jesús. I thought of using a nickname associated with the name Jesús which is Chuy but then all the jokes about Chewbacca would’ve ensued… oh well. I just need to get better known as a blogger so people know about Jesús and Jesus. Speaking of “better known”, Crossway Publishers whom publish the English Standard Version translation of the Bible linked to my blog about the pigment pens.


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