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Soul deSaenz: Update

It has been quite a while since last I posted something. I have been a little busy and have spent some time trying to get used to my new job and new schedule.  I enjoy writing late at night and my new position doesn’t really offer me the opportunity to stay up writing until one or two in the morning, but as I get used to my new job I may be more inclined to staying up late.  Or I can just get used to writing earlier in the evening.


As I’ve stated already I have a new job.  I also have a new camera, a Nikon D80.  I liked my friend’s D300 so much I had to have a new camera.  A lot of the nice pics that I have posted here have been taken with Mario’s D300.  It is my first digital camera as I have been a film purist for many years.  I still think my TLR Rolleiflex is better than most cameras available today.  Look for new pics!


I have three Bibles at Abba Bible Designs in Mexico for rebinding. If you are not familiar with Abba, take a look at some of their work at Mark Bertrand’s blog, here, here, here, and here.  From these articles and pictures, I am waiting like a kid at Christmas for my Bibles to arrive.  I am pretty sure they are done binding them, now I just have to wait for the transit time.  In case you are curious in what is being rebound I sent my PSR ESV, USB GNT 4th Edition with Dictionary and a NASB LArge Print Thinline.  All of these Bibles started with a sewn binding.  They are all being done in calfskin.  The ESV will be in red, the GNT in burgundy and the NASB will be in a dark brown… at least thats what I had requested.  Look for a review and pics at Mark Bertrand’s Bible Design Blog.  As soon as I get them in, of course.


The “Is Smoking A Sin?” entry doesn’t seem to die, sadly the comments have been a lot of the same emotionality without any real substance.


I have two new coffees in.  One is a Harar from Ethiopia and the other is Mokha Mattari from Yemen.  I will be reviewing them soon and I also plan to start a series on home roasting coffee.


I do have several ideas for entries and as soon as I have a little more time I will be posting more.  I need to finish my work on Romans 9 as well as my intended work on the atonement.


Until next time, may God be merciful upon us all.


jesus saenz


I want to thank those who have emailed me to ask how I was doing!  Thank you for your concern.



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