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Baptism… The Aftermath

It’s been over a week since the debate between Gene Cook, Jr. and Paul Manata and the trash talking has yet to subside. On Gene’s own blog and also on the Fide-o blog, Gene, Paul, Scott, Jason and a hosts of other bloggers didn’t seem to get enough with the debate so now they continue the smack like it was a World Wrestling Federation event.

I think they need to behave like nice Christians.


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Baptism Debate

So, who are the proper subjects of water baptism? As most non-Catholics will attest, it is the professing Christian that is the proper subject for water baptism. But… there are some especially Presbyterians who are Paedobaptists which is Latin for “Baby Sprinkler”. They do not baptize for the same reason as the Catholics do, for the Paedobaptist, it is a covenantal sign.

On Sunday August 19, there was a debate between Gene Cook, Jr. and Paul Manata regarding who the proper subjects for baptism were. Paul Manata defended the Paedobaptist side, Gene Cook, Jr. for the Credobaptist. Paul is a great debater but was hampered by a flawed view of the old covenants in light of the new covenant.

listen here

part one

part two

part three

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